Next "Buy or Bid" sale is September 13 - 20. In our BUY or BID sale, you never pay more than the Buy price, and you can place bids at any price you think is right and fair.

Paulus Swaen Buy or Bid Sale preview

The above gallery does show you a preview of items offered in our In September 13-29 Buy or Bid sale.

In 1998 we were the only online auction house specializing in old maps and prints. A lot has changed on the web in the last 28 years since we started our first online auction. With the arrival of the metaverse and web3, we think we are at a crossroads with new opportunities to connect and sell our maps to collectors and map lovers.
We, therefore, have stopped our online auctions and continue with monthly “Buy or Bid” sales. In this timed sale, you name the price and the sale is over at the moment the “Buy Now” price is paid OR at the end of the Sale when the seller accepts your offer. 

See our FAQ and Answers section for further explanation.  A seller’s FAQ section is here.
The buyers terms and conditions are here.

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